środa, 2 maja 2012

Fail post

But let me start. Yesterday I was eating one single chicken breast with greek yoghurt and pepper. I put one single chicken breast into a pot, pour water and boiled it with herbs and vegetables. As far as today is my Veg-Protein day, I decided to prepare a soup for today. Without any pasta, potatoes and rice or other carbohydrates.

how I did the simple soup?
2 x mushroom (champignons)
1/2 x courgette
1/2 x small onion
bay leaf
herbs, spices
and of course...
one single chickenbreast

what will you need: pot

What to do:
1. Clean chicken breast and put it into pot filled with 0,5l water;
2. Put all spices, herbs and vegetables into the pot;
3. Let it boil till the chicken is ready;
4. Remove the chicken and let the soup boil about 5 min;
5. You can eat the soup during your VP days and eat teasty and juicy chicken breast!

Okay, about these four cookies I ate today morning, small innocent cookies with sugar, no excuses, I ate them and that was not good :(

I spend yesterday evening talking with person who lost 9kg in half year on drDukan diet. I'm proud of her.
I hope I will have more strenght to lose my kg :))
Okay, let's dance now about 30-45min :))))

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