piątek, 27 kwietnia 2012


So I started my Dukan Adventure with size L (42-44 or 12-14).

No, that's not a good beggining. I used to be a nice-looking girl, maybe not perfect, but still I was wearing size M (6-8). A felt attrective and very sexy in this size. My weight was 60-65kg so it was about 132lbs with high of 163cm (5.34 feet). My BMI was 23,7.
When I begun thinking about starting a diet? OMG, my whole life is one big diet, it's based on starting one diet and gaining weight. To be honest, I don't like it. I used to have serious problems with my weight. They were caused by some dramatic moments in my life - I put on weight about 20kg in about 3-4 months. I looked like an elephant, seriously I was that big! In March 2011, after breaking up with my ex, I started diet. It was not very healthy. First months were worse than hell. I didn't give up. I started exercising. I was jogging twice a day 10km, and I was riding a bike two hours in the evening. What is more I was exercising myself every time I got some spare time. So I was doing push-ups, like 1000+ per day, I've got even a 6pack after few months. My diet was based only on proteins. I was eating eggs, drinking milk, nothing more. I started freaking out when I decided to drink vinegar, taking pills to reduce feeling of hunger. It took me half year to notice my new "ghosty" look. With weight of 50, I was heading to underweight. I felt weak and transparent. Definitely not happy with myself. But still, I wanted to control mysely and my body. I was 20 and I wanted to die, I started feeling guilty of being so stupid, then another drama started. I was not able to help myself and I started cuting myself. I was doing a lot of things not to think about myself. I was good student, good daughter, good sister, but not good "ME"
I was not happy. Thanks God, I had amazing friends with me. They were supporting me, talking with me. They wete wathing me, feeding me, cheching my wrists. They gave me so much support, I will never pay them back.

Unfortunately, I've got tendency to put on weight. Today I'm in the same point I was two years ago. Maybe it's because of genes, maybe it's because of being lazy - it doesn't matter now. I put on weight, and now I've got 75kg. Yeah, that's much and I don't like it.

I was looking for a good diet and I found out Dukan. Let's check how does it work! Day One:
I can eat only proteins during next 5 days, I will have to learn how to cook from scratch. Phaze I - Atack! (27.04 - 01.05)