środa, 2 maja 2012

Fail post

But let me start. Yesterday I was eating one single chicken breast with greek yoghurt and pepper. I put one single chicken breast into a pot, pour water and boiled it with herbs and vegetables. As far as today is my Veg-Protein day, I decided to prepare a soup for today. Without any pasta, potatoes and rice or other carbohydrates.

how I did the simple soup?
2 x mushroom (champignons)
1/2 x courgette
1/2 x small onion
bay leaf
herbs, spices
and of course...
one single chickenbreast

what will you need: pot

What to do:
1. Clean chicken breast and put it into pot filled with 0,5l water;
2. Put all spices, herbs and vegetables into the pot;
3. Let it boil till the chicken is ready;
4. Remove the chicken and let the soup boil about 5 min;
5. You can eat the soup during your VP days and eat teasty and juicy chicken breast!

Okay, about these four cookies I ate today morning, small innocent cookies with sugar, no excuses, I ate them and that was not good :(

I spend yesterday evening talking with person who lost 9kg in half year on drDukan diet. I'm proud of her.
I hope I will have more strenght to lose my kg :))
Okay, let's dance now about 30-45min :))))

wtorek, 1 maja 2012

Pure Protein/ Veg-Protein

So Tommorow I'm starting my second phaze: PP/VP
I will try to dome of these recipes:

Eggs Florentine
2 x Artichoke (marinated and chopped)
4 x eggs
1 x garlic clove (crushed)
1 x lemon zest
1 x onion (finely sliced)
250g spinach (frozen and chopped)


you will need: non-stick frying pan.

What to do:

1. Gently sauté onion in a non-stick fry pan until it starts to colour;
2. Add crushed garlic, lemon zest, artichoke, salt and pepper and fry to heat through;
3. Add thawed spinach and cook for 4-5 minutes to let the flavours combine;
4. Make 4 holes in the mixture and gently crack the eggs into the holes;
5. Cook on a medium heat until the eggs are cooked to your liking (around 5 minutes for firm whites and soft yolks;
6. Serve half the spinach and two eggs for each person.

feel exhausted?

That's not a problem. Whatever point in your life you are, drDukan diet is a little shock for your body. First phase is suppose to be a surprise for the organism, but cheer up! It's only 1-7 days for the beggining. In my case it's 5 days. According to drDukan dieting philosophy, first phase should last:

1 day - if you want to lose 5kg;
3 days - if you want to lose 5-10kg;
5 days - if you want to lose 10-20kg;
7 days - if you want to lose more than 20kg.

These days are so special for you diet, because they are preparing you for a new style of food.
You may feel weak and hungry, unfortunately, we all are used to eat too much - so this is normal process of getting usedd to new type of food.
Don't make excuses, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EAT SWEETS, even to use sugar!
(only sweeteners if needed to recipes)
You should use this time to learn some simple recipes, fill your fridge with 72 high protein products.

here are some of them:
you can eat these products when you feel hungry!

Meat and offal
Beef steak
Fillet of beef
Sirloin steak
Roast beef
Rump steak
Veal escalope
Veal chop
Calf's liver
Pre-cooked ham slices (without any fat or rind)

Cod (fresh)
Crab/ocean sticks (surimi)
Dab/lemon sole
Dover sole
Grey mullet
Smoked salmon
Sea bream


Non-fat dairy products
Non-fat cottage cheese
Non-fat fromage frais
Non-fat,Greek yoghurt
Non-fat quark/non-fat yoghurt (plain or flavoured with aspartame)
Skimmed milk

Days 1-5

Okay, it's last day of my First Phase - YAY! - congrats to me :) I did it, and I see results. First of all I didn't like how my legs and belly look. Huuuuuuge belly, my boyfriend gave a name to my belly - yay, I know that's pathetic.

What I was eating:
-eggs; at the beggining omeletts (with herbs: basil, oregano, pepper), scrambled eggs, and Dukan cupcakes
-chicken breasts; grilled or steam cookd
-yoghurts; natural (yeo valley) and greek yoghurt (FAGE)

my favourite recipes:
usually I was serving everything with natural yoghurt or greek yoghury with pepper
or fresh basil

Dukan cupcakes:
1 x egg
2 x teaspoon of oatbran
1 x tablespoon of yoghurt
1 x teaspoon of baking powder

you will need: mixer/blender, cupcakes forms, tray

What to do:
1. Separate yolk from white to two different bowls;
2. Use mixer/blender and whip egg white so it looks like a foam;
3. Whip yolk so it will have consistency of sauce (should have colour yellow almost white);
4. Pour yolk to whipped white foam, add oats, yoghurt and baking powder;
5. Mix all ingredients together with a spoon;
6. Using a spoon put mixture to cupcakes, and put forms on a tray to oven for abour 10-15min at 150-180 Celcius degrees.

Dukan omelette
1 x egg
1 x teaspoon of yoghurt
pinch of baking powder

you will need: mixer, teflon frying pan

What to do:
1. Put egg into a bowl and mix it untill the mixture will be foamy;
2. Pour the mixture on previously heated frying pan;

chicken breasts with prawns
1 x single chicken breast
1 x fullhand of prawns about 100g (I was using frozen frawns from TESCO)
3 x drops of olive oil
vavourite herbs (i.e. Herbes de Provance, garlic etc.)

you will need: teflon frying pan

what to do:
1. Slice chicken breast; wash defrosted prawns (Do not keep them in water, just wash!);
2. Pour two/three drops of olive oil on frying pan and let it heat up;
3. Put csliced chicken breast and prawns on frying pan and add herbs.

Crunchy Oatbran cookies
Makes: 2-3 cookies
3 x tablespoons of oatbran
1 x teaspoon of baking soda
3/4 x teaspoon of ginger powder
1 x teaspoon of vanilla yoghurt
1/2 x the egg white from 1 egg
3 x drops of vanilla essence

you will need: tray, baking paper

What to do:
1. Preheat your oven to 180C
2. Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well with a spoon - it should not be too runny
3. Spoon out 2 - 3 cookies on a baking tray
4. Cook for 12-15 mins, eat hot for soft cookies or let cool for crunchy

piątek, 27 kwietnia 2012


So I started my Dukan Adventure with size L (42-44 or 12-14).

No, that's not a good beggining. I used to be a nice-looking girl, maybe not perfect, but still I was wearing size M (6-8). A felt attrective and very sexy in this size. My weight was 60-65kg so it was about 132lbs with high of 163cm (5.34 feet). My BMI was 23,7.
When I begun thinking about starting a diet? OMG, my whole life is one big diet, it's based on starting one diet and gaining weight. To be honest, I don't like it. I used to have serious problems with my weight. They were caused by some dramatic moments in my life - I put on weight about 20kg in about 3-4 months. I looked like an elephant, seriously I was that big! In March 2011, after breaking up with my ex, I started diet. It was not very healthy. First months were worse than hell. I didn't give up. I started exercising. I was jogging twice a day 10km, and I was riding a bike two hours in the evening. What is more I was exercising myself every time I got some spare time. So I was doing push-ups, like 1000+ per day, I've got even a 6pack after few months. My diet was based only on proteins. I was eating eggs, drinking milk, nothing more. I started freaking out when I decided to drink vinegar, taking pills to reduce feeling of hunger. It took me half year to notice my new "ghosty" look. With weight of 50, I was heading to underweight. I felt weak and transparent. Definitely not happy with myself. But still, I wanted to control mysely and my body. I was 20 and I wanted to die, I started feeling guilty of being so stupid, then another drama started. I was not able to help myself and I started cuting myself. I was doing a lot of things not to think about myself. I was good student, good daughter, good sister, but not good "ME"
I was not happy. Thanks God, I had amazing friends with me. They were supporting me, talking with me. They wete wathing me, feeding me, cheching my wrists. They gave me so much support, I will never pay them back.

Unfortunately, I've got tendency to put on weight. Today I'm in the same point I was two years ago. Maybe it's because of genes, maybe it's because of being lazy - it doesn't matter now. I put on weight, and now I've got 75kg. Yeah, that's much and I don't like it.

I was looking for a good diet and I found out Dukan. Let's check how does it work! Day One:
I can eat only proteins during next 5 days, I will have to learn how to cook from scratch. Phaze I - Atack! (27.04 - 01.05)